Monday, October 19, 2015

Starting over in a new school year

I know.... I haven't posted ANYTHING so far this year.  It has definitely been a different start to the school year.  I have wonderful students, but they needed some time to acclimate to my way of teaching, and thinking outside of the box, and I had to respect their needs. We are about to start a big hydroponic unit but aren't quite ready to unveil THE PLAN yet.  I think we are also going to start in on catapults, but with the floods in Columbia, our school times are still trying to get back to  normal, so we may miss the Halloween deadline I thought we would have.  The floods in our city were awful, and we have so many closed roads.  We missed school for a week, then moved to a two hour delay for a week.  This week is a short week, and a one hour delay.  Closed roads lead to all cars using certain roads that lead to big backups.  Thankfully all of my students were fine, but a lot of people in our community are displaced and houses are destroyed.

In the meantime.....

I came across the videoes on YouTube from Maker Camp while looking for a video tutorial on lashing that I could send to students.  They had one from my hero, Gever Tulley, and then I started purusing the sidebar videos. This one got me excited because while we have soldered and made origami move (a little challenging), this one looked completely possible.

Which led me to her website:

Which led me to this supercool kickstarter that I hope starts production and selling VERY SOON!
Can't you just see that little USB buzzer being used with our kindergarten buddies and our bugs from last year?  AND THEN IT RECHARGES!  I really need to learn more about making my own circuits so I can make these sort of things myself.

I'm feeling the ideas percolating, and will share some more when I get a more normal routine back together.

End of last year projects

This is a place holder....