Friday, April 17, 2015

Roaring 20's

It has been forever since I posted.  I was thinking that since I was revisting past projects it probably wouldn't be something anyone might want to read about again.  For our project for Roaring 20's. students worked in teams to create a stop motion animation with a free app on an ipad.  We only have 1 ipad in our classroom, so I borrowed from other teachers on the hall to get through this project quickly.

Students chose a topic, and developed a storyboard to design how to get their stories across in the genre of a silent movie.  This group chose the assembly lines, and the fact that Model T's were becoming more accessible to the public. **spoiler alert **** I LOVE when the horse dies, and I thought it was very creative how they showed the car developing on their assembly line.  They wanted to make an actual Model T but we had to be content with a version of a car because of limited LEGO.  Other groups were equally successful.

The app we used was called LEGO movie, and it was incredibly simple.  Three years ago when I attempted stop motion animation it took incredibly long because we tried to use Windows Movie Maker.  This free app was definitely easy.  It's on my phone as well, and can go on an ipod touch too.
On rainy day recess, or afternoon school I have students who are interested in borrowing the ipad to make their movie.