Thursday, May 29, 2014

Last post on the chairs

     I'm so proud of the process my students used with these chairs.  We drew our designs, measured a LOT of surfaces, built models, and then started building.  We did run into a few design issues, but the students were very adept at "fixing on the fly."  Which quite honestly, I believe is a real life skill.  Flexibility is key to problem solving.  No one stuck with a plan that ultimately didn't work.  HUGE THANKS to Mr. Seeger, a parent at our school, for teaching me to use the skilsaw and helping the students.  The best thing he did was to let the students work through, and followed my example of just asking them questions to help them work through problems.  He let the design be THEIRS and just helped them with the tools, which is another key part of this - adults shouldn't take over. 
The chair crew.  I do have other students, but this was the group that worked on our chair design. 

M. made a two person bench. 

J. and her single seat. 

L., with her design. 

J. was proud of her chair. 

J, strikes a pose on his stool/end table.

D., always the THINKER. 

I don't know that I will take on chairs specifically next year, but I might need to since these were so successful.  Any ideas on switching things up would be appreciated, since I like to rotate ideas, or offer choices. 

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