Monday, October 7, 2013

Chatting about Poetry

     A week ago my intern led a lesson about poetry and elements of a poem, and how to give feedback to each other.  After drafting with her, the students came in with their poems typed on their chromebooks, and then we paired them up to edit.  We gave them the option of sitting together and giving feedback verbally, or using the chat (Instant Messaging) tool.

     The chat tool is something I have to monitor carefully.  It isn't something I want up MOST of the time that I'm teaching.  My students are young and I want them focused on the task at hand, so they know that they are to only use it with permission or face consequences.  At our school, students are to only use technology and their district accounts for emails and work that relates to school.  We are training them to use it appropriately.  In higher level grades other rules apply to them.

Overall, the lesson went well.  A lot of solid feedback was provided. We are trying to get the students to actually help each other instead of just giving the "I like what you wrote" response.  Teaching children to critique politely and help give an honest look is important, as well as receiving opinions about work. Speaking without hurting feelings, or taking things personally can sometimes be tough, but I hope that in doing this often we will become less reliant on the teacher, and more confident in ourselves.

     Here are some of the finished poems:

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