Tuesday, October 1, 2013

STEM Selfies

     My students crack me up.  I keep the camera on the white board tray, under the smartboard, because honestly..... I use it all the time and I need to know where it is.... just in case.  Every now and then the kids grab it to document something, but in the first couple of weeks they always asked.  Apparently we are all comfortable now because in going through my camera for yesterday's post I noticed some videos and pictures I hadn't seen before.  They were taken during our "stations time."

     This first video is taken by J asking another J questions about what she is building with snap circuits.  I absolutely love the questioning and the desire to document.  This is 100% kid created:

     I love the girls interviewing each other, offering ideas about what in the heck the second knob might be, and the independence of grabbing that camera.

Here were a few more that my math/science group created:
J and his obstacle course.

D and his structure.

     My crew certainly isn't shy.  I'm glad I've created an environment where the camera is to be used by all (as are any of the tools in my room, really) and isn't just saved for the teacher. 

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