Thursday, September 12, 2013

Building those natural blocks

         A few posts ago (this summer), I wrote about my plan to have the kids learn to saw and use tools in an effort to make something productive.  I started by finding the natural blocks on pinterest and then asking the preschool teachers if they might be interested.

        Today, more than half of my class went to the art museum with another teacher leaving me with kids who really needed some time to explore a topic.  We had a beautiful day and went outside for about an hour. We've been taking apart pallets at recess to stock up on wood planks for a future project.  Just like last year, this teaches the kids to use mallets, pry bars, and hammers safely.

Some of the kids wanted to work on taking apart pallets so that we will have wood for our next design projects. 

        While others jumped right in with the sawing of the tree branch.  Apparently I made it look easy because quite a few of them were surprised at the effort involved in making just one cut. I was thrilled that my intern jumped into the action too. We made sure to remind the students that there was a time that we only had hand saws to work with at a job. 
        After sawing their pieces they worked on sanding, and then wiping them with a beeswax polish to make them look wonderful.

          Here are some of our finished products.  Once they dry we will see if the preschoolers like them. 

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