Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The day before.....

      I am NOT the polka dot and zebra stripes teacher.  I am all about practical, useful, available spaces, and kid driven.  I suppose you could polka dot up a STEM classroom and still have student driven, but I honestly don't take the time.

This is my corner of SS non-fiction and the beginnings of the engineering miscellaneous supplies. To the right of this is my science, non-fiction shelf as well as the shelf that holds a bunch of tools. 

This bulletin board will be used on the first day (more to come) with free time building underneath it, and our one-to-one computing cart on the left.  I do not have a desk (last year's kids said it took up too much needed space, so I moved it out, and moved into craft drawers), we'll see if I miss it or not. 

This is the view from my door. The books on the back counter are gone or handed out. I need to add a picture from the back of the room to the front.  

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