Thursday, May 23, 2013

Field Day got me thinking...

     Today is our Field Day.  Which got me thinking. What if our STEM magnet had an Engineering Field Day?  We could call it the Engineering Olympics or I love Engineering Day (celebrated during engineering week?). Disclaimer: I am in no way advocating getting rid of a traditional field day because I strongly believe our children need to enjoy physical activities in their life.

     Students could rotate through challenges (divided into two teams, or four if there are enough materials).  Examples could be something like this:  where they are given a set amount of time and materials to accomplish a task.

     Another idea could be to build a marble run out of PVC pipes that is self-standing and the marble has to roll for a total of two minutes. 

     How about taking NXT robots that are already built, and have the kids mathematically deconstruct the maze to see who can program it the fastest?

     We could give the kids directions to a build they've never seen like solar ovens and they could race to build it and then could set them up to cook a hotdog or marshmallow. Can you race to build an oven?  Should you?

    This could also be a day where we either rotate stations, or  rotate teachers in a grade level to allow students that experience. Sometimes our grade level will host a day where students go to 3 of the 6 of us to do an activity specific to the theme. It would also take the "race" aspect out of it.  It is a nice change of pace periodically.


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