Monday, March 11, 2013

Who are we?

     A few years ago, our district expanded our magnet choice program to include STEMS at our school. We began fairly simply.... we started with Kindergarten through 2nd grade.  Each year since we've added another grade as the students move up. This year, my teaching partner and I were selected to teach the fifth graders. 
     It is a very daunting task to take a set curriculum and expand it to meet the needs of an acronym (STEMS). I teach math and science, and we have one to one computing in my classroom through chromebooks - so I really have 3 of the 4 covered (science, technology and math). Once in the program though, I felt the need to really focus on the engineering, as well as link what we're learning to fields within engineering and project-based learning.
     This blog is my attempt to synthesize my inspirations, my planning, and most importantly..... what the students are learning from our experiences.  So far I've found that there are many organizations out there, but it's a lot to pull together.  My current passion, at the moment, is the maker movement.  Websites such as ,  and are really front and center for me.  These websites have me in evaluating my projects for the engineering aspect, looking for community helpers, and for venues to share what my students are doing. 

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